Notes from our Customers

Thank you thank you!   I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your system!  I stumbled across it one day doing some research looking for exactly what you created!  Thanks for an amazing product!!!  Lynne M.


I used you stack system to do this 4 tier cake
Yes 4 tier cake with a 1-1/2 hour on the road and it made it there with no problems

Thank you…so happy I found y’all         Gina Rios


Shannon Morrison wrote to us to tell us how well her Classic Stable Mabel worked for the set up. “My first super-tall multi-tiered cake was a huge success! Stable Mabel is a wonderful creation! I was completely confident delivering and setting up the cake I specifically bought ‘ole Mabel for! I just want to share my enthusiasm with you ♡♡♡”
Thank you so very much for Stable Mabel!
Very satisfied to report successful delivery of a small cake for a wedding in the country about 1.25 hrs away!
No proper way to express my thanks for this successful delivery!
Many Thanks to you and Sharon Zambito for offering the incentive to try your product!
Greta L’Heureux
 I tried your system a few weeks ago and LOVED it!!  I plan to make your system part of my cake stacking routine for my bakery!!
Sue, Sweet Cupcasions