How Stable is your tiered cake?

Stable Mabel systems are a great way to help ensure a safe delivery while using a time saving assembly. There are two Stable Mabel Systems: the Classic System which easily supports up to a 7 tier cake and the Disposable System which provides everything needed to stack a 2-3 tiered cake – except the cake!

round set - 1

   Classic System

16″ Round Set  – $112.00

16″ Square Set – $124.00

18″ Round Set – $124.00

Click on the “Classic Stable Mabel” tab for a complete description


 Disposable System

12″ Kit – $19.95

14″ Kit – $24.95

16″ Kit – $29.95

Bulk Packs are available at a discount.  Contact us for wholesale pricing.

Click on the “Disposable Kit” tab for a complete description

1522Keep it Stable – Use a Mabel!


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