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Have you ever had a cake disaster?

Stable Mabel is a great way to help ensure a safe delivery.


Disposable Stable Mabel Kits!

The disposable kits are perfect for a 2-3 tier cake.  The kits come in 3 sizes: 12″,14″ & 16″ bases.  Kits include 1/2″ plastic covered foam base, pre-drilled coated cardboard plates, a center post, dowel rod support kit and rings, coring tool, non-skid feet and a user guide.  Everything you need to assemble your tiered cake  – except the cake!

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 Disposable Kits:

12″ Kit – $19.95

14″ Kit – $24.95

16″ Kit – $29.95

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Stable Mabel Classic

  Our Stable Mabel Classic set has a 1″ solid post that is securely attached the base.  This is your answer to support cakes up to 28″.   The cake slides over the post to stabilize your set up.  See the Stable Mabel Classic tab for a step by step guide.

No worries traveling with a full load!

Stable Mabel Cake Stands are designed to support tiered cakes, both stacked and separated.  All materials are NSF food grade poly and are completely washable.









The Stable Mabel Classic set included 4 solid, center posts 4″ 8″, 12″ & 16″ providing sturdy support for cakes from 4” to 28” high.  The center post is threaded and attaches securely to the base.  Bases come in both round and square, 16″ or 18″ round.  Use Stable Mabel plates or any plate or cardboard with 1 1/8″ hole in the center.   Also included is a cake coring tube with plunger.    The Stable Mabel set can be used with any type of support, take a look at our dowel support kit on the products page.  Hand holds in the base provide easy access for lifting.  Design of the stands ensures all cakes will be automatically centered.

16″ Round Set  – $112.00

16″ Square Set – $124.00

18″ Round Set – $124.00

As seen in Colette Peters’ Crooked Cake Class



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